Conscious Consumption – pt.2

    Last week I wasn’t kidding when I said Melissa’s eyes would roll when I asked her to write out her own top ten list. Of course I still made her do it. I also got her to read the book Playing with FIRE by Scott Rieckens just for good measure.
Melissa’s list:
  1. Weekend coffee at relaxed pace
  2. Doing a craft or project
  3. Exercising together
  4. Sharing a drink
  5. Making dinner with Dustin
  6. Eating dinner as a family
  7. Helping someone out
  8. Something fun with kids
  9. Riding to errands in town
  10. (I guess she was out of ideas for the last one)
    As I look at these two lists, which are thankfully quite similar, two things jump out at me. One, most of these activities are virtually free. In fact I could make a strong argument that many are better than free as they save us money. Two, perhaps Melissa and I are just very boring people, but both lists could be condensed down to eating (and drinking), family time (and friends), physical activity, and completing projects. 
    So what’s the point of all this? For starters I think most people will find that the things you really enjoy in life are free. However, everyone including myself, spends some money on things they want. If that money is being spent to benefit things that really make you happy then I feel it is money well spent (within reason), but if that money is spent on other ‘stuff’ it often feels like a waste (in hindsight anyways). Be frugal, enjoy the free things in life, and be conscientious when making purchases. I think that sums it up.*** 
Enjoy the ride,
***Caution – this post is by no means an excuse to blow the bank. Instead think of it as an antidote to impulse buying. 
A good start to the day